All public transport to be free in Luxembourg in a world first

All public transport to be free in Luxembourg in a world first

European Union's wealthiest country, Luxembourg, has made history after announcing plans to make public transport free in 2020.

It is home to about 110,000 people, but a further 400,000 commute into the city to work. It may be small, but its capital-Luxembourg City-is regularly snarled up by some of the worst traffic in the world. It hopes that free public transportation will encourage commuters to take buses and trains instead of clogging roads with their cars.

As of this summer, anyone under the age of 20 can travel free in Luxembourg, while an annual "mPass" for commuters.

Bettel's progressive government will also consider introducing two new public holidays and legalizing the purchase, possession and consumption of cannabis for recreational use.

Bettel's Democratic Party is ruling in coalition with the left-wing Socialist Workers' Party and the Greens.

A study suggested drivers in the capital spent an average of 33 hours in traffic jams in 2016.

Luxembourg to make public transport free for all

Secondary school students can use free shuttles between their institution and their home.

Currently, fares are capped at €2 ($AUD3.15) for up to two hours of travel, which in the small European nation covers nearly any journey.

As the paper noted, however, some of the finer points of the plan have yet to be ironed out, including whether trains will still have first and second class compartments and if so, if riders will be charged in those cases.

Mr Bettel only narrowly renewed his five-year premiership by a one-seat majority in the October election.

Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel promised to prioritise the environment.

The new government coalition only just scraped through with 31 out of 60 seats in Chamber which might present a challenge when it comes to passing new, out-of-the-box policies and legislation.

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