Verizon, Samsung to release 5G smartphones in United States in 2019

Verizon, Samsung to release 5G smartphones in United States in 2019

For example, Verizon announced yesterday that Samsung will release a 5G smartphone in the first half of 2019.

Earlier this year, Motorola and Verizon announced a 5G Moto Mod that adds 5G connectivity to the Moto Z3, with anticipation of releasing the 5G Moto Mod in early 2019.

The system-on-chip was teased during Qualcomm's Snapdragon Tech Summit in Hawaii today, and follows on from the 835 and 845 announced this time a year ago.

The carrier, which is set to merge with T-Mobile in 2019, stated that it's now "one of Samsung's biggest customers" and that it's definitely "working with them". 5G connectivity on mobile devices will be made possible with Qualcomm's Snapdragon X50 5G modem and QTM052 mmWave antenna modules.

Qualcomm's next processor that'll power most upcoming Android smartphones is called the Snapdragon 855.

So far, AT&T has installed mobile 5G network equipment in areas in the 12 markets where it plans to make 5G available in 2018: Atlanta; Charlotte, North Carolina; Dallas; Houston; Indianapolis; Jacksonville, Florida; Louisville, Kentucky; Oklahoma City; New Orleans; Raleigh, North Carolina; San Antonio and Waco, Texas.

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Stay tuned for tomorrow when we will learn all about the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. So, despite a fair amount of skepticism that 5G would ever arrive at all, it has, and it's all but certainly going to be part of most major smartphones launched in the United States within the next year or two.

The 855 is the world's first 5G-ready chipset in any practical sense, as it will be the first to appear in 5G phones you can actually buy for use on 5G networks that actually exist. Apple Won't Be Launching its First 5G iPhone Until 2020. While the company didn't spill a ton of details on the Snapdragon 855 today, it did say that the chipset offers three times better performance than the Snapdragon 845.

Also getting more smarts is the image signal processor for taking photos and videos using Snapdragon 855-powered smartphones. Beyond that, there's not much else we can tell you today.

Obviously do not take this information for definitive, in a few hours we will surely know more!

It also supports Qualcomm's 3D Sonic Sensors, which are ultrasonic fingerprint readers that can be placed under smartphone displays, tucking them out of sight and doing away with fingerprint sensors in buttons.

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