Google extends telecom service Fi to iPhones

Google extends telecom service Fi to iPhones

However, only "designed for Fi" smartphones can do this such as the Pixel lineup, LG V35 ThinQ, and Moto X4.

Google Fi works by combining the networks of T-Mobile, Sprint, and U.S. Cellular and choosing the best signal. There's a sweet new logo that you can see above, which renders "Fi" in a Google-colored line art that is increasingly in Google's iconography.

Google is expanding its mobile service in the USA to work with more phones. There's even a Google Fi app for iOS that's available today.

The rebranding of Project Fi as Google Fi was the first major change today and has arrived with a more contemporary logo that includes four Google colors and dots but in different shades. Newly renamed Google Fi service plans to go up against customary bearers by giving individuals a chance to pay on the basis of how much information they utilize and roam internationally. But all that is meaningless if the phones you want aren't actually available. For Android phones from OnePlus, Samsung, LG, and Moto, the service will work with devices running Android 7.0 Nougat or higher. Non-Fi devices will get regular-old T-Mobile MVNO service, without Fi's carrier switching or the VPN encryption. So as it stands, iPhones are not going to be running this promising new Network solution well for the time being but since the program is in Beta so there is hope that with a few updates the company can work out the kinks and make it better. You'll still get Fi's existing pay-as-you-go, contract-free pricing scheme, wide worldwide coverage, and additional data-only SIMs at no extra charge.

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Whether Fi is a good deal for you will depend on your usage. Fi plans in the U.S. offer boundless local call and messages, in addition to messaging globally, for $20 (nearly Rs. 1,400) monthly.

To celebrate this occasion, Google has announced a bunch of offers for Fi users.

However, certain features of Google Fi might be missing on some Android phones. If you bring your own device to Fi, you'll get a $200 service credit.

"Our plan now works with the majority of Android devices and iPhones", Fi director Simon Arscott said in a blog post.

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