Google Assistant for iOS Gets Support for Siri Shortcuts [u]

Google Assistant for iOS Gets Support for Siri Shortcuts [u]

Tap on the "Add to Siri" button and then proceed to record the voice phrase that you want to use to trigger Google Assistant.

In some ways, this additional and inconvenient step defeated the convenience of a digital assistant in the first place.

That said, you don't have to say, "Hey Siri, OK Google".

How, you ask? By using a custom shortcut to allow Siri to summon Assistant.

Though this might sound complicated, once you get the hang of Apple's Shortcuts app, setting up this sequence is relatively simple.

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Google's latest Assistant update on iOS is packing quite the integration.

Further, you can also set a widget on the left of your home screen that gives you instant access to Assistant, though this feature isn't new.

Its not the most elegant solution, but it is better than saying “Hey Siri, open Google Assistant. The "full-sized" Google Assistant-powered Lenovo Smart Display normally costs $250, and although retailers like Best Buy are selling the 8-inch variant at $100 (down from a $200 MSRP) in anticipation of Black Friday, there's no sign of an impending deal on the 10-inch model anywhere else but Costco. Users who have the Google Assistant installed will find an update waiting in the App Store, and new users can download it here. You could instead use something shorter and easier to say as well.

Google apps have always taken a backseat behind Apples own offerings for Maps, Music, and even with Siri. For example, telling Siri "Goodnight Google" will run a routine, such as turning off the lights and locking doors. The new $150 Google Home Hub is now $99, the original and customizable $130 Google Home is now $79, and the tiny $49 Google Home Mini is just $25. When you open the app, you should be prompted to add "OK Google" to Siri. If you used the same name for your Shortcut, you could simply say, "Hey Siri, going to bed", which will call on the Assistant Routine and perform the action.

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