Google's Call Screen Will Soon Save Transcripts

Google's Call Screen Will Soon Save Transcripts

The blog also highlights that the Pixel Lite, in addition to sporting a headphone jack, gets a 5.5-inch screen with 1080 pixels resolution.

This follows a previous bug that created a second "virtual" notch over the right side of Pixel 3 XL's display. It's one of the three main reasons why people should buy the phone. We have already witnessed several rumours and leaks of the possibility of Google unveiling a mid-range smartphone and now, a Russian tech blog, first spotted by XDA Developer, backs the rumours of the Pixel 3 Lite under-works.

According to posts on the Pixel User forums and Reddit, users are receiving a "fatal error" message, after attempting to launch the camera app. If priced right, the Pixel 3 Lite may be a good match in price-sensitive markets such as India or even Malaysia. Previous reports had also suggested that Google could be working on two smartphones - codenamed Bonito and Sargo - in its Pixel lineup, one of which could be the Pixel 3 Lite. Stay tuned with PhoneRadar for more updates.

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Pixel 3 users largely said they tried restarting and factory-resetting their devices to no avail, but some said that restarting the phone worked to fix the camera. For those who have received replacement devices, the camera issue hasn't returned.

Once the Pixel 2's Phone app gets upgraded with the new feature, the "Call Screen" option will appear just above the "green phone" icon lights up during an incoming call. The Pixel 3 is a great phone but it feels unfinished with all these software bugs: finish it Google.

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