Ariana Grande Teases Wedding-Themed ''Thank U, Next'' Performance

Ariana Grande Teases Wedding-Themed ''Thank U, Next'' Performance

With the help of her friends and backup singers, Victoria Monét and Tayla Park, Grande delivered a wedding-inspired, choreographed performance as the trio rocked all-white outfits.

For her recreation Ariana and her two back up dancers performed her new hit song, Thank U, Next in all white, but things nearly went frightful wrong when the singer stumbled while jumping off a chair.

All of this is addressed in the song, naturally, and on Ellen, Ari's poise and control make her delivery of the song an event.

Ariana Grande's debut performance of "thank u, next", her breakup anthem that succeeds at being both petty and empowering, was a pretty fine reflection of her life of late. Or could she actually be planning to unveil a First Wives Club-themed music video for her new single "thank u, next" on Ellen?

It's the mark of a true professional that Grande finished the performance, and it's the mark of a real, live human being that she made a decision to leave the flawed moment in the final video instead of recording a clean copy. "Oh my god!" she screamed before quickly getting herself together and continuing the song.

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It's no secret that Grande recently split from fiancé Pete Davidson.

Asked whether he learnt anything from the fellow singer following their romance, he added: 'It was a long time ago, so I suppose you just grow as a person. The song was previously thought to be called 'Tell Me How Good It Feels To Be Needed.

Those other references are to Big Sean and Ricky Alvarez, who posted a tongue-in-cheek response about his lyric on Tuesday.

Ariana has said there won't be any collaborations on the new album.

On watching the video of her ex-beau, Mac, back, Ariana replied to the fan: 'His voice and laugh. he is supposed to be here. thank u for finding this'.

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