Report sheds new light on Guardiola's City deal

Report sheds new light on Guardiola's City deal

The allegations against City, who have a number of prominent Abu Dhabi-based sponsors, are that they manipulated contracts to get around that.

Football Leaks and German magazine Der Spiegel allege City have deliberately mislead Uefa to avoid restrictions on their transfer spending, but the club have denied those reports.

"And of course we want to follow the rules, whether UEFA, FIFA or the Premier League".

And while the club have given only a short response to the allegations to date, on Tuesday boss Pep Guardiola insisted City's success is not exclusively down to the money they have spent.

Paris St-Germain have been contacted for a response.

The "Football Leaks" documents, which include emails, contracts and presentations, were obtained by German publication Der Spiegel and reviewed by Reuters in partnership with global media consortium European Investigative Collaborations.

Man City risked Champions League expulsion in 2014 if a UEFA club finance panel had found it had severely breached "Financial Fair Play" rules, created to curb overspending on player costs.

"Should Uefa fail to act, we will do what we have said before: launch a complaint with European Union competition authorities".

Asked about what was reported in Der Spiegel, Man City manager Pep Guardiola said Tuesday: "Of course I trust the club, what they have done".

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"But I am part of the club, I am supportive of absolutely the club and we want to do what we have to do in terms of the rules".

Der Spiegel reports that, in an internal email, City's chief financial officer Jorge Chumillas wrote: "We will have a shortfall of £9.9m in order to comply with Uefa FFP this season".

That included selling players' image rights to an external company, therefore writing off that cost from their accounts.

According to Der Spiegel, citing documents the Guardian has not seen or been able to verify, City executives agreed a deal whereby the holding company which controlled City, the Abu Dhabi United Group, would circulate funds to Al Jazira which would then be paid back to Mancini via an offshore company in Mauritius named Sparkleglow Holdings.

CIty have said they will not comment on the claims.

French Uefa president Michel Platini was the man behind FFP.

As revealed by Football Leaks, in his first season Guardiola was going to earn 15.45 million euros, a sum that would increase to 19m a year later.

"Der Spiegel" reported last week City and PSG breached FFP rules by €188m and €215m respectively in 2014, and tried to cover up the breach using vast sponsorship deals that far exceeded their market value. But the magazine said the analyst "was having trouble" figuring out "how the [external company] expected to make a return".

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