Dead brothel owner Dennis Hof wins election in Nevada, U.S.

Dead brothel owner Dennis Hof wins election in Nevada, U.S.

County officials say they will appoint a Republican to Hof's seat.

Deceased brothel owner Dennis Hof managed to win an election for a Nevada state assembly seat in Tuesday's election.

Voters in a rural, overwhelmingly Republican district of Nevada have opted to elect a dead man accused of rape rather than a Democrat to the state's legislature.

Dennis Hof, 72, defeated Democratic candidate and educator Lesia Romanov in the race for Nevada's 36th Assembly District, earning about 68 percent of the vote. "In Assembly District 36, nearly 64 percent of the population resides in Nye County, about 34 percent lives in Clark County, and about 3 percent resides in Lincoln County".

"They will feel much more comfortable casting the ballot for him knowing there will be another Republican to replace him", he added. He denied the claims.

Hof was found dead at his Love Ranch brothel, located about an hour outside Las Vegas. According to reports, he was found by porn actor Ron Jeremy and a prostitute at the brothel after spending the previous four days celebrating his birthday with well-known people in the sex industry and political world.

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Hof's Love Ranch brothel about an hour outside of Las Vegas, the same brothel where National Basketball Association player Lamar Odom was found unconscious in 2015, is where Jeremy and a prostitute found Hof's body. Odom entered a coma but survived.

The Nye County Sheriff's Office said Hof was found dead last month at one of his properties in Crystal, Nevada. He had nicknamed himself the "Trump from Pahrump", after the town where he lived in Nevada.

Mr Hof's campaign manager Chuck Muth said election day was "bittersweet".

In the end, he won in a complete landslide, taking around 70% of the vote.

A deceased individual, Dennis Hof, who operated a brothel in Nevada, has emerged victorious in the USA midterm elections conducted on Tuesday, November 6, as his patrons voted massively for him, giving him 53% of the total votes cast.

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