Trump says Democrats would ruin Florida, his second home

Trump says Democrats would ruin Florida, his second home

The President also criticized Andrew Gillum, the Democratic Party's candidate for the post of Florida Governor, for seeking to abolish the federal agency, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which he said was "full of patriots" who arrested 127,000 illegal immigrants past year.

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"These automated calls are being sent into homes just days before President Trump arrives, reminding voters exactly who is promoting a political climate that celebrates this kind of vile, poisonous thinking". "They're even taking our great troops away from their families for a political stunt", Obama said. Obama will be touting Pritzker's bid to defeat Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner, along with backing state attorney candidate Kwame Raoul and Democratic congressional candidates.

When Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum introduced Barack Obama to the crowd at their Friday rally, he called Obama our "forever president".

Polls forecast the democrats could be in line to win the 23 extra seats they need to win back control of the House of Representatives, while the Republicans are favourites to maintain control of the upper Senate.

Obama urged more decisive action by Americans who have grown frustrated by the first 21 months of Trump's presidency.

The removals took place in late September and early October. Democrats, meanwhile, could make history by electing black governors in Florida and Georgia, and are turning to the nation's first black president to help make their case.

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Trump's Saturday travel fit a familiar profile, with both rallies scheduled to support GOP candidates who are narrowly trailing in most recent polling and will need the base to turn out in force next week.

The state Division of Elections tally shows Republicans have cast just over 41 percent of those pre-Election Day votes, while Democrats make up a 40 percent share and third- and no-party candidates account for the remaining 19 percent.

'At this point it's going to be turnout, ' she said.

Trump said that Obama's assertion that "if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor" under the Affordable Care Act proved false. 'How can he mobilise those who are already registered to vote to go out and vote.

Trump's campaign committee also released a television ad on Friday focused on immigration.

The FBI said on Friday it had recovered a suspicious package addressed to California billionaire Tom Steyer, a Democrat known for his ads calling for Trump's impeachment.

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