New iPad Pro to have rounded bezels, no Home button

New iPad Pro to have rounded bezels, no Home button

Apple is expected to launch a pair of new iPad Pros. Rumours about the new iPads have been making rounds on the web for quite some time now.

Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. Unfortunately, this means that Apple will ditch the headphone jack and will have just one port for both charging and connecting an earphone. Alternatively, Apple could do away with the Air model entirely, and this new low-priced model could just be an entry-level evolution that's part of the general non-Pro MacBook line.

The new iPas Pro is also reportedly dropping Apple's Lightning charging format in favour of the USB-C system already used in the Apple MacBook and in most new Android smartphones.

The report continues to list some of the expected features of the upcoming tablet, including a larger LCD screen, better camera and faster processor compared to the 10.5in iPad Pro model (pictured top) launched last summer.

However, more life out of the battery would always be welcome and, hopefully, Apple will be able to bring some added energy in this new update.

Apple is also tipped to announce a new Mac Mini computer, which works with any monitor. The new iPad Pro slates also will support the next generation Apple Pencil 2 writing accessory. A Retina display is what Apple uses in almost all of its products, save for the MacBook Air.

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It nearly seems like Apple has forgotten about the iPad Mini, or is happy to let the product die as it pushes the iPad towards being a more powerful computer replacement. The new MacBook Air will come with improved internals and also design and software. The company hasn't done an overhaul of this line of computers in four years.

The Mac Mini rises from the dead?

The new entry-level laptop will replace the MacBook Air, which Steve Jobs originally pulled out of a manila envelope a decade ago. For those unaware, the previous generation was unveiled way back in 2014.

It is also suggested that the iPads will be more expensive than their predecessors - so north of a grand, then. The event is going down in Brooklyn, and is invite only.

Creating on Apple products, of course.

Apple's wireless earbuds, AirPods, have been included in rumors, with the anticipation of an updated feature set that includes Siri integration and a wireless charging case. As usual, there'll be a live stream available on the Apple website.

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