Ice-T arrested for driving through a bridge toll without paying

Ice-T arrested for driving through a bridge toll without paying

Apparently, the rapper was on the way to the SVU set when he crossed the George Washington Bridge without paying the appropriate toll. SVU star was obtained by Port Authority authorities for toll evasion. According to TMZ, the legendary rapper turned actor was nabbed by officers for an admittedly innocuous reason, and one that will likely yield little to no serious outcome for Ice.

The musician was reportedly driving a McLaren sports auto, which the police discovered had not been registered, so he was arrested for not paying the toll and given a ticket for the vehicle registration.

The site reported that Ice-T - whose real name is Tracy Lauren Marrow - didn't realise his transmitter wasn't working and proceeded to drive his new McLaren sports auto in the lane. Coulda just wrote a ticket.

Ice was arrested by Port Authority police for what has been called 'toll evasion'.

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Law and Order: Special Victims Unit star Ice-T was recently arrested for a serious traffic violation.

Before seriously becoming an actor, Ice-T rose to fame as a rapper and the founder of heavy metal/hardcore band Body Count.

When speaking to TMZ Ice-T said he simply forgot to bring E-Z Pass. He added that the vehicle was unregistered because he just recently had it shipped to his home from California.

Law & Order: SVU actor Ice-T was arrested in NY on Wednesday for alleged toll evasion.

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