Ron DeSantis, Florida candidate for governor, releases tax returns

Ron DeSantis, Florida candidate for governor, releases tax returns

Tapper also noted the controversy surrounding the Republican's first reference to Gillum as the nominee, when DeSantis said voting for Gillum, an African-American, would "monkey this up". "I want to look at this and do what makes sense for Florida", and touted his recent endorsement by the Everglades Trust.

But with toxic algae and red tide blooms ravaging Florida, the debate began on a topic that DeSantis and Gillum largely agree on: environmental protection. "Once in office, they didn't do it", DeSantis said. He's trying out to be the Trump apprentice at every turn. "He's showing up. He's complimenting him".

DeSantis also pivoted to a FBI investigation into corruption within Tallahassee city government at a number of points throughout the night.

Gillum acknowledged some Florida voters might oppose him because of his race, but insisted "that voter is not the majority of the people in our state". For example, the CNN poll forecasts more independent voters than Republicans or Democrats casting ballots in the November election. "You've got to be able to work with the administration", DeSantis declared.

The survey of registered voters, taken between October 16 and 20, shows Gillum winning 52 percent of the vote over DeSantis' 42 percent. "And what we have done is we welcome [the FBI] in".

The DeSantis campaign also accuses the pollster of failing to use weighted samples, which is standard in polling, that reflect past election turnout.

Gillum said doing what's best for the state shouldn't be about politics, noting that he had worked closely with the Republican governor, Rick Scott, in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael, which left most of Tallahassee without power.

"You know what? I'm black", he said.

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"[DeSantis] has only bring attention to the color of my skin", Gillum said.

"The truth is I'm black".

"I'm asking you all for the only thing in life that my mother ever told me to ask for, and that's a chance", Gillum said.

Though DeSantis scored good points with his base of law enforcement and the military, he didn't do much to dig himself out of an apparent hole that seemed to deepen just hours before the debate started in Tampa at 8 p.m. when a new poll showed the former prosecutor and military veteran down 12 points to Gillum. The Republican candidate was a former US Navy prosecutor; as the questions arose regarding Tallahassee's murder rate.

Though those efforts, both in Congress and the courts, succeeded in changing the law and ending coverage regulations for people who have pre-existing conditions, DeSantis said, he would push through statewide legislation to counteract them. It served as the ideal transition to Parkland.

The comments came in response to questions about the state's preparedness and response in the wake of a school shooting in February at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, where 17 students and faculty members were killed. He suffered from mental health issues and his mother escorted him to get an AK-47. "He's not going to stand up to the National Rifle Association - that's why they're running all these ads against me. Because they want the man that they bought".

Florida's Republican Gov. Rick Scott is famously a climate change denier, something he has been particularly criticized for because of the fact that the state is believed to be one of the first USA states that will bear the long-term consequences of global warming.

But Gillum lashed back, accusing DeSantis of spending $145,000 on taxpayer-funded trips before he resigned from Congress and refusing to provide the receipts for the travel.

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