Trump administration considering curtailing legal recognition of transgender people

Trump administration considering curtailing legal recognition of transgender people

In contrast, civil rights groups have referenced other court rulings that maintain bias against transgender people is discrimination under Title IX and other laws.

While many transgender activists argue that a person's gender is largely their own choice, a department memo seen by the Times argues that a person's sex should be defined "on a biological basis that is clear, grounded in science, objective and administrable", with a person's genitals at birth defining their gender. Gender has never been a protected class under the law, and defining sex by biology and birth is not a radical policy change. A dispute about one's sex, the New York Times reports, would have to be clarified using genetic testing.

ABC News has not been able to independently verify the contents of the memo.

That change would affect 1.4 million Americans.

A leading transgender advocate called the government's reported action a 'super aggressive, dismissive, risky move'. "This transparent political attack will not succeed administratively, legally or morally".

"We have a lot of different concepts right now".

"We've always known this administration intends nothing short of the destruction of our communities".

Under the Obama administration, the legal conception of gender in federal programs was loosened.

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Today we raise our voices against an Administration that continues to cower to the forces of hatred and bigotry, and we tell every single transgender American that the rest of this country stands by their side. This confusion is key to transgender-rights arguments.

Trump's comments came the same day that LGBT+ activists held a "We Will Not Be Erased" protest outside the White House. And Jenner is once again on the outs with her favorite president.

The policy, if put in place, would remove any and all gray area with regard to gender, and define sex under the law through Title IX.

The Trump administration, and conservatives generally, have continually attempted to frame granting equal rights to the trans community as somehow a threat to the wider cisgender population, with erroneous and debunked claims of bathroom access putting women and children at risk, and trans military personnel supposedly weakening troop cohesion.

Similar sentiments were expressed by Diana Flynn, the litigation director of Lambda Legal, a civil rights group that advocates for LGBTQ individuals.

Severino, in a statement to the Blade responding to the New York Times article, referenced that decision from O'Connor and the nationwide injunction as he asserted the issue remains under consideration at HHS.

President Trump has tried to place restrictions on transgender people serving in the military, but these have been overturned by two United States district courts.

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