Paula Abdul falls off stage head-first while performing in Mississippi

Paula Abdul falls off stage head-first while performing in Mississippi

It appears people in the audience helped her back on stage. According to US Magazine, the songstress couldn't perform at her second stop because of the venue's inability to "accommodate" her stage and show.

Paula Abdul has taken a tumble during a concert in Mississippi. Abdul ended up choreographing their Victory Tour and later worked with their sister, Janet Jackson, to choreograph the moves done in her "Nasty" and "Control" videos.

Online, fans gently roasted the singer's gaffe.

While Abdul may be just fine, she'll have plenty of time to rehearse her steps. She has not spoken out on social media since before the show.

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Now. This is where we must separate fake news from Real News Written By Paula Abdul Fans.

After all, those are the tunes that really put her on the map! She took home the award in 1991 for Best Music Video, Short Form for Paula Abdul: Opposites Attract. Paula Abdul handled a stage snafu like a true professional on Saturday, October 20, after she tumbled off the stage mid-concert. 2018 tour marks her first solo tour in 25 years.

"I went through all of that mostly privately", the pop star said of the injuries she suffered, after the private jet she was on made an emergency landing when one of its engines caught fire. "(Paula) stated, she has been a dancer for years so falls and drops she has gotten used to over the years!

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