Texas’ O’Rourke doubles down on impeaching Trump

Texas’ O’Rourke doubles down on impeaching Trump

Dana Perino said that O'Rourke's race, in which he has raised a large sum, is more of a "down payment" for a future run. "That was collusion in action", O'Rourke said. Ted Cruz has gained surprising momentum in the last few months, closing in on Cruz in what has, for decades, been a solidly red state.

Supporters of Sen. Cruz have claimed that though O'Rourke possesses plenty of smooth rhetoric, he lacks in substance and qualifications.

In a Thursday town hall discussion on CNN, the Senate hopeful explained that he called his challenger, Sen.

O'Rourke said he "would not prejudge the outcome of that trial". He said he was a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and Texas gun culture but added, "We lose 30,000 of our fellow Americans every year to gun violence". "The people of Texas should be able to lead the way on this conversation".

Despite the shifting momentum, there's still a solid chance that Cruz will still take away the victory, but hopefully Texans can finally vote him out this November.

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At that debate, O'Rourke - who is trailing in polls despite shattering fundraising records for a Senate campaign, with a $38 million haul in 2018's third quarter - mimicked Trump's 2016 presidential campaign attacks on Cruz as "Lyin' Ted".

His going negative was viewed as O'Rourke trying to make up ground with Election Day looming, but O'Rourke told Bash that borrowing from Trump's playbook was "not something that I feel totally comfortable with".

O'Rourke still lobbed some barbs at his opponent at the town hall, but offered another self-criticism following a question from a woman whose 24-year-old son died of a heroin overdose.

Asked if he regrets the comment, O'Rourke said: "I don't know that that's the way that I want to be talking in this campaign". He also said his family would go back to El Paso if he didn't win.

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