Michael Cohen Becomes a Democrat Again

Michael Cohen Becomes a Democrat Again

Cohen's attorney, Lanny Davis, said on Twitter that his client on Thursday chose to return to the Democratic party, explaining it was "another step in his journey" and part of his "distancing himself from the values of the current" administration.

Cohen was previously registered with the Republican Party, Cohen attorney Lanny Davis tweeted. "Pennsylvania hasn't been won for many years by Republicans, but every Republican thinks they're going to win Pennsylvania", Trump said.

"In New York state, the forfeiture of the right to vote doesn't follow the felony conviction but follows the felony incarceration", Erika Lorshbough, legislative counsel for the New York Civil Liberties Union, told NBC News.

As Hurricane Michael pounded Florida and Georgia Wednesday night, President Donald Trump was in Pennsylvania for a private campaign fundraiser and rally.

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Cohen's switch of parties was first reported by Axios.

In August, the former lawyer had pleaded guilty to the charges in Manhattan federal court for orchestrating the payments at "Trump's direction".

Trump defended his presence at the rally, saying there were "thousands of people" lined up and waiting to hear him speak. He has been on the outs with the Trump administration for months as a result of his fraud and campaign finance probe.

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