The Pixel Slate is a Chromebook with Portrait Mode on it

The Pixel Slate is a Chromebook with Portrait Mode on it

The Pixel 3 phones have larger displays than the Pixel 2 counterparts, which were launched a year ago. The Pixel 3 underscores this position even further with both the 6.3-inch 3 XL and the standard 5.5-inch 3. However, the frosted design of the part that is metal on the Pixel 2 duo fools you into thinking it isn't glass.

Honestly, simply having support for wireless charging return would make me plenty happy. That way, you can decide whether or not you want to answer, or to ignore the caller.

It is available now for pre-order for AU$59 (same price for both size phones) in Carbon, Indigo, Fog and Pink Moon colours.

The Pixel 3 smartphones come with exclusive in-camera Google Lens suggestions that work in real-time on URLs, emails, phone numbers, addresses, and QR codes. Its own aspect ratio is 18.5:9.

On the Pixel 3 screen, you see an instant transcript of the caller's responses so you can decide whether to pick up. The fact that it's lagging behind in so many areas to a cheaper phone that as released more than half a year earlier is not good. Google says this is so as to save battery power.

Google is including front firing stereo speakers like what's in the Pixel Slate, and they're using the same tuned sound profile for crisp highs and clear lows making the Pixel 3 a music powerhouse.

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Google's homegrown smartphone hardly challenges the status quo all-screen, jumbo-sized designs from Apple and Samsung. It also has all the usual bells and whistles for a phone, including Bluetooth, USB Type-C and Wi-Fi etc. Like other Google Home devices, you can shout "Hey Google" to wake it up.

The Galaxy S9 has a 3,000mAh battery, which is slightly larger than the Pixel 3's 2,915mAh battery. The Pixel 3 XL starts at $1,129 CAD for the 64GB and $1,259 for the 128GB.

The Pixel 3 rear camera is worse on paper.

In just two short years Google has produced what's arguably the best smartphone camera on the market - and it's done it by using one camera, not two as is the case with its competitors. Here we were, expecting to learn about the latest updates to the Pixelbook, and Google throws a curveball and debuts the Pixel Slate, a 12-inch tablet. It features front-facing and rear-facing camera with Portrait mode and advanced camera technology, a fingerprint scanner, and a detachable keyboard cover with a kickstand. The other 8MP sensor has an f/1.8 aperture and 75-degree field of view. You will be able to switch cameras to take wide-angle selfies.

Both Pixel 3s boast multiple improvements to the camera software, including Top Shot, which uses AI to avoid common photography mishaps such as blur; Night Sight, which allegedly eliminates the need for flash even in low-light; and Super Res Zoom, which is created to keep images sharp even when the camera is zoomed in. There is also Super Res Zoom which lets you zoom in on objects without losing details. If you are purchasing a Pixel 3 phone why not have a look at one or more of these accessories and add them to your cart. It will be available later as an update. You don't have to manually categorize or share each photo.

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