Hope Hicks Joins Fox as Head of Communications

Hope Hicks Joins Fox as Head of Communications

But for Hope Hicks, former communications director for the Trump White House, the whole working as a server while you head to auditions won't be in the picture. The company, which will still control the Fox broadcast network and the Fox News Channel, is expected to focus on live sports, news and the local TV business.

One of President Donald Trump's longest-serving aides is entering the corporate world. National Security Adviser John Bolton was a Fox News contributor who frequently appeared on television before Mr. Trump plucked him to lead the National Security Council.

While not a direct swap of assets, the tradeoff between the White House and Fox has a certain air of symmetry about it.

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This new position is due to the recent sale of 21st Century Fox to Disney.

According to a press release, Hicks will join "New Fox", the company left following Twenty-First Century Fox's upcoming merger with Disney. Yahoo adds that she'll report to Viet Dinh, the network's chief legal and policy officer. (While Rice and Walden's new roles had already been thoroughly reported on in the entertainment trade press for months, the Hicks hire was dropped without any advance warning - the surprise combining with her significant public profile for maximum impact). O'Brien is a longtime Washington hand who was staff director of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and chief of staff to three senators.

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch will retain ownership of Fox, the new spin-off company that includes the cable news network.

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