Google shutting down Google+

Google shutting down Google+

It has been garbage for a long time and neglected by its creators, so it's probably about time this happened. The user-facing aspects of the platform will shut down over the next 10 months.

To prevent such issues from occurring again, Project Strobe will be introduced. In other words, Google neglected Google+, possibly exposed profile info, and is now realizing that it should probably tighten things up a bit.

What action can I take?

A Google spokesperson said there were "significant challenges in creating and maintaining a successful Google+ that meets consumers' expectations".

Google came under criticism for refusing to send a top executive to a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on 5 September about efforts to counteract foreign influence in United States elections and political discourse. Google Play will limit the types of apps that are allowed to request these permissions-only your default app for the given situation will be able to access this info.

Finally, app access to Call Logs and SMS on Android are going to be limited moving forward.

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In response to this, Google+ will be shutting down for regular users. That's probably a good thing. This, combined with the community's extremely low user base-90% of Google+ sessions are under 5 seconds-were enough for Google to be done with it for good. Google further said that the enterprise version of Google+ will continue.

A memo, prepared by Google's legal and policy staff and shared with senior executives, warned that disclosing the incident would likely trigger "immediate regulatory interest" and invite comparisons to Facebook's leak of user information to data firm Cambridge Analytica, the report said. Well, this is a major security flaw that brought users personal data to risk. The exposed data includes occupations, genders, ages, and email addresses of many users. That's it, according to Google. Google+ will be gradually discontinued over the next ten months, with the service being scheduled to completely shut down in late August of 2019. If you'd like to delete your account, head to this link and follow the instructions.

While Google has faced scrutiny in recent months for allowing third-party apps to access and share data from Gmail accounts, much of the privacy uproar hitting the tech industry has focused on Facebook. Above, you can see how those controls will soon look.

Apps will be required to inform users what data they will have access to.

While the Google+ API was the biggest concern, Google says it is also making changes to several other products.

Users can grant access to their Profile data, and the public Profile information of their friends, to Google+ apps, via the API.

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