Boris' Best Characteristics Would Make Him An Unsuitable Prime Minister

Boris' Best Characteristics Would Make Him An Unsuitable Prime Minister

The British PM Theresa May appeared on the final day of her party's conference in Birmingham, dancing on ABBA's Dancing Queen, launched an attack on what she called the Jeremy Corbyn party, and she said that Britain is not afraid to leave European Union with no deal, but it will be hard for both sides.

Prime Minister Theresa May will urge her fractured Conservative Party to unite behind "decent, moderate and patriotic" policies, a day after her rival Boris Johnson challenged her authority with a crowd-pleasing speech of his own.

The Tory faithful had begun queueing for the event more than two hours before it began and an extra tier in the auditorium had to be opened to seat the 1,500 activists who turned up.

Johnson said that approach would leave the United Kingdom.

"This is not pragmatic, it is not a compromise", he said.

What needs to be kept in mind here is that austerity was always about politics, and never economics.

Her words were aimed at easing the growing frustration of some Conservatives who openly say their party is directionless, unable to set an agenda against the divisive rows over Brexit.

"This is not democracy".

Then the thing we saw immediately afterwards was that tweet about the Strepsils and the speech and we laughed along with her and she showed that humorous side of her. Taking back control of our borders, laws and money.

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"Chequers is a cheat", he added, drawing huge applause from party members with a call to "chuck Chequers".

She refused to be drawn however on whether Mrs May should continue as Prime Minister after Britain has left the EU. The Conservatives are divided over how to proceed, caught between Brexiteers like Johnson and those who want to keep close economic with the bloc, Britain's biggest trading partner.

Johnson, the figurehead for the campaign to leave the European Union and the bookmakers' favourite to replace May, has become the loudest critic, warning Conservatives that if they supported Chequers they could be signing up to the party's electoral death. And is comfortable with modern Britain in all its diversity. I was out in Liverpool last week, talked to more than 80 people. Once past Brexit Day, May is not likely to last long.

Tuesday's British newspapers ran a photo of Johnson going for a jog in a grain field.

In 2004, he was sacked as Conservative vice chairman after lying about an extramarital affair. "Too many people are standing up and criticising her but they dont have an answer to what they would do". What else did she say in this speech? The reception in the hall was fairly warm, but could not hide the fact that the only reason she is still leader is that no one in their right mind would want to take over right now. The audience included leading pro-Brexit lawmakers, a well-known political spin doctor and hedge fund billionaire Michael Hintze, a Conservative donor.

As expected, there were good jokes and brutal putdowns of Labour's "weaselly cabal of superannuated Marxists and Hugo Chavez-admiring, anti-Semitism-condoning Kremlin apologists".

Theresa May, whose absolute majority in Parliament relies on its ally, the small party, ultra-conservative northern irish DUP, must also take into account the requirements of the latter.

That's what the party really respects, I think.

And in another call for unity, she attacked the main opposition Labour Party, saying their policies, including the renationalisation of mail, rail and utilities, would mean increased taxes and drive away business.

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