Jeremy Corbyn says Britain 'could well be looking towards a general election'

Jeremy Corbyn says Britain 'could well be looking towards a general election'

Mr Watson told The Observer: "Jeremy and I were elected in 2015 to give the Labour Party back to its members".

Both leader Jeremy Corbyn and deputy Tom Watson announced to the media this weekend that they would be ready to "adhere to" any decision made at this week's party conference, saying the view of the party members must be respected.

LIVERPOOL, England - Britain's Labour Party may hold the fate of Brexit in its hands - if only it can decide what to do.

Later, questioned on whether Labour would be able to get the support of Conservative MPs required to trigger a vote of no confidence in the government, Corbyn added that his party would be "putting [its] case to parliament" and would "see what happens after that".

MPs and union leaders are expected to join a march on the opening day of the conference on Sunday to demand a so-called "People's Vote".

Brexit is one of the fault lines, dividing even normal allies.

When Theresa May comes back with a supposed deal from Brussels we will put it against a test, that is mainly whether or not it protects jobs and the economy, and if it fails in those matters then yes, we want a general election but we will keep the option of a people's vote on the table'.

During the marathon meeting, some delegates warned that if the party committed to a new poll, May could turn it into a choice between her deal or no deal.

"Labour have to come to a decision".

Despite saying that he would support another vote on Brexit if party members backed it, Mr Corbyn explicitly said he was not calling for a second referendum and would prefer a general election.

More than 100 constituency parties have submitted motions calling for the issue to be put to a vote.

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But it remains unclear whether the terms of any motion will enable delegates to commit Labour to a referendum.

Leader Jeremy Corbyn has a golden opportunity to capitalize on Prime Minister Theresa May's weakness after European Union leaders rejected her Brexit plans on Thursday.

Corbyn appeared on the BB'C's Andrew Marr Show this morning and said he hoped there would be a general election soon. Obviously I am bound by by the democracy of our party'.

With over half a million people on its books Labour has one of the most representative memberships in United Kingdom politics, and according to recent polls, some 85 per cent of them back a vote on the outcome of Brexit negotiations.

These centrist MPs now find themselves on the sidelines and battling for their political lives in the face of aggressive attempts by Corbyn's supporters to de-select them, with the NEC on Saturday voting for changes that will make the process easier.

The results of the survey, carried out by Campaign group Labour Against Antisemitism, indicate the issues surrounding antisemitism in the party could determine how up to 900,000 people vote.

Tottenham MP David Lammy and peer Lord Adonis were among the speakers while MP Luciana Berger led the march. The party opposes May's "Tory Brexit" plan but not Brexit itself.

Britain is to exit the European Union in March next year after months of talks that have again exposed the deep divides in both the country's main parties - the Conservatives are all but at war with each other and Labour is also at odds over how to leave.

'What I'm struck by is there is a lot of Labour Leave voters who believe in Brexit so I think they are making a huge mistake.

"This is as big a crisis as I can remember in my lifetime", Adonis said.

A tacit agreement to try to offer her some support before she heads to what is going to be a hard annual conference of her governing Conservative Party later this month was broken by some British diplomatic missteps.

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