Sweden Democrats second largest in elections

Sweden Democrats second largest in elections

The centre-right Moderate Party is set to take to take third place with 17.7 per cent.

The ruling centre-left Social Democrats were in the lead with 26.2 per cent of the votes, down from 31 per cent in the 2014 election and its lowest score in a century.

Jimmie Åkesson's eurosceptic, anti-mass migration party is forecast to take 19.2 percent of the vote in an exit poll for public broadcaster STV, while the ruling Prime Minister Stefan Löfven's ruling Social Democrats losing significant ground and their Green Party partners only just breaking the 4 percent parliamentary threshold.

As a result, neither mainstream party will secure an outright majority in parliament, Reuters reported.

The four-party Alliance - made up of the conservative Moderates, Christian Democrats, Liberals and Center - rejected Lofven's invite, urging him to resign as it reiterated its determination to form its own government. After the country of 10 million took in a record 163,000 migrants in 2015, some Swedes have been rethinking its immigration policies.

The potential for an immigration backlash to result in a big boost for the far-right Sweden Democrats inspired fear among many Swedes before the election.

Ahead of the election, Prime Minister Stefan Lofven had warned, "The haters are mobilizing in Sweden and are egging on people against people.

And the Social Democrats and a Social Democratic-led government is a guarantee for not letting the Sweden Democrats extremist party, racist party, get any influence".

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At the party's rally on Saturday, he strongly criticized Lofven's government for "prioritizing" the cause of immigrants over the needs of citizens.

"This government we have had now. they have prioritised, during these four years, asylum-seekers", Akesson said, giving an exhaustive list of things he says the government has failed to do for Swedish society because of migrants.

Voters in Sweden appear to be split in an unpredictable general election that may turn into one of the most thrilling races in the Scandinavian country's history for decades amid heated debate on immigration. "We need tight responsible immigration policies".

The centre-right Moderate party leader, Ulf Kristersson, said he was well aware Sweden would need "a strong cross-bloc cooperation to isolate the forces. pushing for Sweden to withdraw from global cooperation". Far-right candidates and parties have seen their stock rise in Italy, Poland, Germany and elsewhere in the past year. "What will happen to me if they enter government or gain influence", asked Mohammad, an 18-year-old Afghan refugee who spoke flawless Swedish when interviewed by AFP. "Integration is one of the biggest questions for the future in Sweden".

Akesson was jubilant as he addressed supporters a day later, declaring the estimated 14 parliament seats the Social Democrats picked up a victory other parties could not ignore in coalition negotiations.

While most pollsters see the two blocs winning roughly equal support, the figures for the Sweden Democrats differ widely between surveys.

"We are the guarantee to oust the current government from power", he said.

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