IPhone 9 is not the name for Apple's 6.1-inch handset

IPhone 9 is not the name for Apple's 6.1-inch handset

As expected, the three new iPhones will come with Apple A12 chipset under the hood, but the amount of RAM is still a mystery. It mentions dual SIM variants of the XS models, though, so there's still a bit of confusion in that regard. There were three new references in iOS 12 that gravitate towards the idea of a dual-SIM iPhone - an Apple first. Add the expected price difference here in the UAE and, yes, it would indeed be at the same level of the iPhone 8's starting price here. The names, for example, are indeed the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Plus (not Max), and iPhone XC.

The leaked imaged were shared by Ben Geskin which shows the 6.1-inch iPhone in four different color options: Space Gray, White, Rose Gold, and Red. Comparing the USA and Chinese costs of the other two models with the Chinese price for the iPhone XS suggests it will sell for $875 in the U.S.

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Along with a giant display, this phone could also get a new name with a recent leak revealing Apple may ditch the usual Plus branding in favour of calling the Max. Not only will it be providing a more colorful selection on a "budget" version of a flagship iPhone, it will also be reusing that "c" suffix, which now definitely stands for "color". While actual United States prices might differ, Goldman Sachs has revised its own estimates, saying that the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone, a.k.a. iPhone XC, will actually sell for $849, instead of the expected $699. The iPhone Xs Plus like the iPhone Xs will have a dual-rear camera at the back. All eyes will be on the iPhone Xs Plus, which will be the biggest iPhone ever from the company with its 6.5-inches OLED display.

If you don't mind owning an even older iPhone there's also some good deals from Amazon on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s with both of these devices now costing under £500. Rumours suggest that the cheapest of all with a 6.1-inch display will come with dual SIM support. In Indian rupees, this comes to Rs 75,000 plus for the iPhone Xs Plus, though the actual launch price will be higher considering the currency volatility and given this is a premium device.

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