Colin Kaepernick's Nike Commercial Released Amid Controversy

Colin Kaepernick's Nike Commercial Released Amid Controversy

"Dream Crazy", the two-minute commercial, pulls together clips of young and more accomplished athletes overcoming obstacles on and off the court.

The ad, which features Kaepernick on camera for all of about 20 seconds, concludes with the former quarterback saying: "So don't just ask if your dreams are insane, ask if they're insane enough".

Carlson asked Portnoy how the decision could be a successful one if Nike is seemingly alienating half of its customer base. "Picture OBJ wearing yours".

"But I think it's a bad message that they're sending and the objective of them doing it, maybe there's a reason for them doing it", Trump said.

The ad featured Kaepernick's face as a backdrop for the words that read, "Believe in something". The decision won the support of National Basketball Association star LeBron James - also a Nike athlete - who ended a speech Tuesday night by saying, "I stand with Nike, all day, every day", Bleacher Report writes.

"What non-believers fail to understand is that calling a dream insane is not an insult-it's a compliment", Kaepernick says in the spot. And he's played at a high level, brought his team to Super Bowls. Become the greatest athlete ever.

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The former San Francisco 49er's simple black and white ad forces viewers to look head on into the eyes of the man who is leading the fight against police brutality.

His protest earned the wrath of United States president Donald Trump and the National Football League establishment, with all of its clubs refusing to sign the talented star when he became a free agent. Whether they protest it, which is a peaceful protest actually, or not, that it's the choice of being American.

But someone on the other side of the argument commented: "I can't believe THIS is the guy that @Nike want's to be the "FACE" of their company!"

"Kaepernick is paying a huge price to bring attention to an issue we have ignored for too long", Hansen said.

"When I sat down with him, I felt this genuineness with him ... we had this mutual respect for one another", he said.

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