Apple's Next Big iPhone Event Is Slated For September

Apple's Next Big iPhone Event Is Slated For September

Expect all the details to be fully revealed at Apple's official September 12 launch event at the Steve Jobs Theater housed in the new Apple Park Space Ship campus in Cupertino.

As rumored earlier, we will probably see the entire new iPhone lineup, or precisely, a total of three iPhone models, if not more. Apparently, these two models are called the iPhone XS.

"The self-censoring of the gay pride watch face on the Apple Watch is a shocking discovery considering how big a supporter Apple is of LGBTQ rights", reports FC. Furthermore, similar to 2017's iPhone X, it seems Apple may get rid of the Home Button on these new iPad Pros, which would allow the company to create a slimmer, near-bezel-less display with rounded corners.

Apple is expected to introduce the world to three new iPhones with varying degrees of advancements that'll entice us to line up on September 14th for those precious pre-orders.

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Apple is widely expected to unveil a trio of new iPhones that adopt most of the features and design elements of last year's iPhone X. The new Apple Watches might also have improved heart rate detection.

The image would confirm numerous rumors that have popped up over the past few months, starting with the reduced bezels that make for a display that goes nearly all the way to the edges of the watch face.

Since the launch of the iPhone 1 back in the halcyon days of 2007, Apple has pretty much brought out new smartphones every single year. 9to5Mac notes that the watch face is "capable of showing way more information than the current faces offered" with "a total of eight complications around the time and within the clock hands".

There's also a hole between the button and the rotating crown on the side of the device, which could mean the microphone has been moved, possibly due to the bigger display.

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