Gillum: Trump, DeSantis have done everything they can to undermine Federal Bureau of Investigation

Gillum: Trump, DeSantis have done everything they can to undermine Federal Bureau of Investigation

Sanders tweeted his congratulations to Gillum shortly after his victory was announced. Tonight, Floridians joined Andrew in standing up and demanding change in their community.

A number of Florida political consultants noted the irony of Gillum's frequent talking point that he was the only nonwealthy candidate in the race.

(Sidelight: Gillum supported Hillary Clinton for president).

FILE PHOTO: Republican Florida governor candidate Ron DeSantis speaks during a Make America Great Again Rally at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa, Florida, U.S., July 31, 2018.

"Andrew Gillum has a very engaging personality and he is very clear and strong about his beliefs", said Christopher Daniels, professor of political science at Famu.

"With one tweet, that kind of put me on the map", DeSantis said.

Up and down the ballot, female candidates in both parties continued to dominate key races in a year with record numbers of women seeking office. He's a gifted public speaker who did well in debates, often receiving the most applause, but the FBI is investigating Tallahassee city hall for corruption. His opponents didn't go after what could prove to be Gillum's biggest vulnerability, ongoing investigations into possible corruption in Tallahassee government, where he is mayor. If he wins in November, Gillum would become Florida's first African-American governor.

"I have been really slow to try to think on it because it's too big", he said. "Especially growing up for them in the age of Donald Trump".

Florida Republicans and Democrats both got the opponents they most wanted to face in the governor's race ― due in part, ironically enough, to the interventions of two Mar-a-Lago denizens.

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DeSantis' ads featured him reading his children stories about the president firing people and "building a wall" with blocks in order to portray himself, albeit with tongue in cheek, as a Trump zealot.

This is a dishonest rendering of what DeSantis said.

While in Congress, for example, Graham voted for the Keystone XL pipeline and her primary foes have attacked her for not voting often enough with President Barack Obama.

Trump surprised Florida Republicans late a year ago with his endorsement of DeSantis, and he has frequently tweeted about the lawmaker, one of his staunchest supporters in Washington. "I also loved his commercial, the one with the kids". "He's doing things the way I like", Parke said. Nonetheless, it needs to be seen for what it is: a proxy for the 2020 presidential race; a proxy for the impeachment fight that is likely to come if Democrats win control of the House; and a referendum on whether a new approach to politics will work for the Democratic Party. Harvard. Yale. Brilliant. He ran an incredible campaign.

DeSantis, who turns 40 next month, is a former Navy lawyer who won his seat in 2012 running as a Washington outsider.

While Trump held off endorsing any of the three Republicans in a contentious U.S. Senate battle in Arizona, the candidates all spent the final stretch of the campaign touting their allegiance to him.

Supporters at DeSantis' party in Orlando chanted "Ron! Ron!"

"DeSantis rocks!" shouted Jo-Ann Walker, a homemaker from Mount Dora, Florida. "People don't want Donald Trump as governor of Florida", he said. Incumbent Bill Nelson ran uncontested for the Democrats, while term-limited Gov. Rick Scott easily captured the Republican nomination.

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