Woman gets contact lens stuck in eye for 28 years

Woman gets contact lens stuck in eye for 28 years

The doctor tells you it's a cyst and operates.

Except, it hadn't. Until her surgery, the lens had been lodged in her eyelid for for nearly three decades.

Inside that cyst was a fragile, hardened RGP (rigid gas permeable) lens.

An MRI showed a "well-defined" cyst that measured eight by four by six millimeters just above her left eye.

The woman presented to doctors with a slightly swollen and drooping eyelid.

When doctors went in to remove the cyst, they discovered a rigid contact lens that somehow migrated into the eyelid, according to USA Today. In the process of removing it, the contact was cracked and chipped. Then her mother remembered an accident when the woman was 14 years old: While playing badminton, she was hit in the left eye by a shuttlecock. According to CBS, after the patient lost her contact lens, she never wore them again.

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It follows another ocular oddity where a pensioner scheduled for cataract surgery in 2016 was found to have a total of 27 contact lenses in one of her eyes.

However, doctors found 27 soft contact lens in the eye of another British woman a year ago.

Of course, the woman couldn't immediately recall how the contact lens got there or how long it had been there.

It has now been removed by surgeons, who reported the case in the BMJ. The family assumed it has fallen out.

The only story that one ups this nightmare is the time surgeons in the United Kingdom found a staggering 27 contact lenses balled up inside a patient's eye during what was supposed to be a routine cataract surgery. The woman, who had poorer eyesight in her right eye than her left, just thought she had lost the contact while putting it in.

Here's a suggestion from the doctors on this case: Tell your eye doctor about any past eye trauma, and if you have any swelling, ask the doc to check for wayward contacts.

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