Omarosa says she secretly taped her firing, plays audio

Omarosa says she secretly taped her firing, plays audio

She repeated what she asserts in the book: that Trump is a "racist, misogynist and bigot", a realization that she said dawned on her only as her rocky White House tenure came to an end.

You hear Kelly tell Omarosa the firing can be done one of 2 ways. the easy way or the hard way.

In her forthcoming book Omarosa Manigault Newman hints that Trump was trying to destroy a note Cohen handed him, in order to prevent archivists from collecting it.

The accusations are among a long list of scandalous claims contained in her new book, "Unhinged", set to come out August 14. Newman says she took his words as a "threat" and wanted the world to know the truth.

She also claims Trump's campaign offered her a contract for $15,000k a month to keep quiet about her time in the administration, The Hill reported.

Mr Price says there is no one checking staffers for devices at the door, but there is a sign outside the room making clear that electronic devices are prohibited.

Manigault Newman: "Can I ask you a couple questions?" "Makes you wonder what other kinds of security breaches are occurring under this White House".

But Newman pushed back against her critics by arguing that she can substantiate her claims in the book.

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Trump's daughter Ivanka, a White House aide, was more explicit in her condemnation of the "ugly display of hatred, racism, bigotry & violence" previous year at Charlottesville.

Manigault Newman's book, Unhinged, characterises the United States president as a bigot, sexist and racist who she claims has been caught on mic using the N-word multiple times.

"I was complicit with this White House deceiving this nation", she said.

In the recording, Kelly also said that everybody on the staff works for Kelly and not the president, and Manigault responded to that on Meet the Press by saying, "It tells you Donald Trump has no idea what's happening in the White House".

Manigault Newman worked in the White House for almost a year as an assistant to the president and the director of communications for the Office of Public Liaison. "I felt myself being manipulated, but refused to allow that to happen". Then, officials attacked Wolff's reputation, claimed specific people had been misquoted and sent aides and surrogates on shows to trash the book.

"The Situation Room is the inner-most sanctum of a secure campus", he said, describing the breach as part of a culture of disregarding security protocols in the Trump White House.

But in the battle of credibility between a scorned staffer and an administration that routinely lies, few winners emerge. "But at least they are consistent - and only too predictable - with the lies they tell".

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