SOCIAL MEDIA SPOTLIGHT: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Sits Down with Sean Hannity

SOCIAL MEDIA SPOTLIGHT: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Sits Down with Sean Hannity

Jones' Facebook account has also been suspended for 30 days but he still has a "verified" Twitter account.

"I didn't campaign incredibly hard, a lot of the footwork was public outcry", Holt admits.

This was less than an hour after CNN reported that more than a dozen tweets and videos on Jones' and InfoWars' Twitter accounts were in violation of Twitter's content policy.

Apple's decision to remove all episodes of Jones' popular show - rather than just specific offending episodes - is one of the largest enforcement actions meant to curb conspiratorial news content by a technology company to date.

All those posts were promptly removed from Twitter shortly after Darcy's CNN report was published.

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The rush of interested users comes after influential tech platforms - including Facebook, Google-owned YouTube and Apple - took their most assertive actions yet against Jones and his Infowars brand for violating their rules against hateful language. In a tweet thread, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey explained that Jones hasn't violated the company's rules, but Twitter will act if he does and it will "continue to promote a healthy conversational environment".

A Twitter spokesperson informed CNN that it was not the doing of the company, suggesting it was either Jones or someone with the ability to log into his account.

Apple told BuzzFeed News in its statement that it "strongly supports all points of view" finding their way to its App Store "as long as the apps are respectful to users with differing guidelines, and follow our clear guidelines, ensuring the App Store is a safe marketplace for all". However, after that removal, some were perplexed when Apple didn't remove the InfoWars app as well.

Unlike Apple's podcast service, which linked to a list of Jones's previous episodes, the Infowars app doesn't offer a catalogue of old shows.

"So, these are models that are looking at behaviors and behaviors of bad-faith actors who intend to manipulate, distract, divide a conversation or to unfairly amplify their content which they didn't earn so those are the signals that factor in and we do rank search, we do rank trends and we do rank conversations accordingly", Dorsey said. We've tried to codify them in our terms of service. This week, YouTube said that its decision to delete the Infowars channel was prompted by Jones violating a temporary ban against broadcasting live on YouTube. Apple and Facebook did not respond to The Current's request for comment in the wake of their decision.

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