Discord turns retailer with beta launch of game storefront

Discord turns retailer with beta launch of game storefront

The company will begin selling PC games directly inside its supercharged communications software, Discord announced today, as well as offer access to select games as part of its $5 per month Nitro subscription. These initial users were randomly selected for the beta in order to test out the new features before the service eventually launches for all 150 million Discord users.

The Discord game store will be available for free to everyone. The company is billing the feature as "First on Discord", and for the first 90 days, those games will only be available on Discord. According to the company's official blog, they're launching a store where players can purchase games and boot them up straight from the app launcher, similar to what Steam and GOG are now offering.

The Nitro subscribers will have access to the following games: "Saints Row: The Third", "Metro: Last Light Redux", "Darksiders: Warmastered Edition", "De Blob", "Tormentor X Punisher", "Dandara", "Kathy Rain", "GoNNER", "Kingdom: New Lands", "System Shock Enhanced Edition", and "Super Meat Boy".

This function will let users add games from other gaming clients (such as Steam) or their computers to their Discord library, so they can easily play with friends regardless of where the game was originally purchased.

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Discord Nitro, a $4.99 monthly subscription service, gives users perks like customized Discord tags, animated emojis, and higher upload limits. The Discord app now has a storefront where you will find a curated list of games available for purchase, and launch them from within the app.

Discord is also starting a "First on Discord" program which will promote games they've help brought to life.

However, the new store will be different from Steam's, which has become a platform where nearly anyone can sell a game. They'll be up for grabs for a short period of time first on Discord, and then they'll be released elsewhere. Fantastic games that we missed.

The announcement does reveal that future plans for the Discord Store will include relying on the Discord community to influence recommendations. "That's how we fit in differently than other stores out there, ours is driven more by friendships and playing together than what is now available in the ecosystem".

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