Melania Trump's parents become USA citizens

Melania Trump's parents become USA citizens

Melania Trump's parents were sworn in as USA citizens on Thursday, completing a legal path to citizenship that their son-in-law has suggested eliminating.

Amid a bitter debate over immigration - particularly the Trump administration's separation of children from families crossing the border illegally - Wildes said the Knavses' attaining citizenship was "an example of it going right".

Trump hasn't commented or tweeted about his in-laws' newfound citizenship. Picture: AAP (AAP) Mrs Trump was raised in the rural town of Sevnica, Slovenia. The couple's exact path to citizenship isn't clear, but one likely possibility is that their daughter's citizenship helped them get green cards first, reports CNBC.

While the President never mentions Saipov, who obtained his green card through the equally maligned diversity lottery, he has been known to detail the attack.

There are only a handful of ways immigrants can obtain green cards, and the largest share of them each year are given out based on familial connections.

The Knavs were living in the United States as legal permanent residents with green cards prior to taking the final steps to become full citizens. That type of family visa is exactly one of the categories that Trump and his allies have tried to repeal, saying they are harmful to the US. A smaller number go to immigrants based on their employment, and other categories include refugees and other special cases.

President Trump has railed against family-based or "chain" immigration in the past.

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Trump has taken a hardline on immigration policy, criticizing so-called main migration that allows naturalized USA citizens to sponsor close relatives for permanent residency.

Viktor and Amalija Knavs are retired, and they maintain regular contact with the Trump family, often traveling with the first family on trips to Mar-a-Lago and Bedminster, New Jersey.

Mr Trump has pledged to end "chain migration" saying his plan would "focus on the immediate family by limiting sponsorships to spouses and minor children". The Slovenian immigrants, a former vehicle dealer and textile factory worker, had been living in the permanent residents.

The Federal Building also houses immigration court and the local offices of the Department of Homeland Security, and its subsidiary, Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

In 1996, she moved to New York City where she worked as a model and met Donald Trump two years later. Ms Knavs is 73.

Melania Trump was born in 1970 and during her childhood Slovenia, then part of Yugoslavia, was ruled by Josip Broz Tito, a communist dictator who nonetheless allowed more freedoms than other Eastern bloc leaders.

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