Moron Harangues Woman In Park For Wearing Puerto Rico Shirt In America

Moron Harangues Woman In Park For Wearing Puerto Rico Shirt In America

Irizarry is shown in the video wearing a sleeveless shirt that is made to look like the Puerto Rican flag, and has the name of the USA territory printed on it.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers plans to begin removing mega-generators providing backup power at Puerto Rico's power plants as soon as next week, as the plants are deemed stable, leaving the island vulnerable to power disruptions during hurricane season.

On Monday, the Forest Preserve tweeted that it was aware of the June 14 incident at an undisclosed park location and video.

You're "not going to change us", the harasser told the woman - though it wasn't clear exactly whom he meant by "us".

Irizarry, who remains polite throughout the confrontation, calling the man "sir", then asked a nearby park police officer to help, saying "I am renting this area and he's harassing me about the shirt that I'm wearing".

In the incident caught on video at a northwestern Chicago park last month, the woman pleads for help as a man harasses her, saying her shirt is un-American.

"You're not American, if you were American you wouldn't wear that".

A woman setting up a birthday picnic at an IL park was repeatedly harassed by an angry stranger for wearing a T-shirt saying "Puerto Rico" in America. He asks her if she is an American citizen, to which she responds that she is. She then says, "Officer, I'm renting, I paid for a permit for this area".

"Why is she wearing that s***?" he says at one point.

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More officers eventually arrived and arrested the man, who was described as drunk. He'll also be required by law to answer questions posed to him by a commanding officer, Cook County Commissioner Larry Suffredin said Wednesday.

The officer who appeared to ignore Irizarry's requests for assistance was assigned to desk duty pending the outcome of an investigation, the police department said.

About 10 minutes into Irizarry's 36-minute video, more police officers arrive. Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello responded on Twitter, "Today a video surfaced of an undignified event in which a Puerto Rican woman was brutally harassed by a bigot while an officer did not interfere".

Police have not released the name of the suspect nor the name of the officer.

Preckwinkle said Connor would face "disciplinary action" depending on the results of the Forest Preserves' investigation.

Cummings said the public demands from elected officials for Connor to be fired are unfair and could prejudice the investigation against the officer. Irizarry's brother intervened to stop the man from following her.

"I am appalled, shocked & disturbed by the officer's behavior", Rossello posted in a tweet. The officer is then seen walking away. Those born there are US citizens, although they can not vote in USA presidential elections.

"In this case, a United States citizen questions the citizenship of another U.S. citizen and American law-enforcement just sits back and watches", he said. "I am troubled by the response of the initial officer on the scene".

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