Apple Back To School sale: Free Beats headphones with Mac & iPad Pro

Apple Back To School sale: Free Beats headphones with Mac & iPad Pro

Apple has announced a long-awaited update for the MacBook Pro, giving the laptops a much-needed performance bump but not any meaningful change in design.

The new MacBook Pro includes support for up to 32GB of memory, an improved keyboard for quieter typing and will also be able to compile code faster.

The new laptops are aimed at those who need speed when it comes to their work.

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Technically, Apple has admitted only that "a small percentage of the keyboards in certain MacBook and MacBook Pro models" have demonstrated the sticky key issue. So you can mix a track on the fly, edit video on location, or enjoy a movie on the go.

The Pro models start at a mammoth £1,749 for the 13-inch model and £2,349 for a 15 inch device. These machines pack in up to 2 TB and 4 TB of storage, respectively. Apple says it also now supports double the eDRAM, 16GB RAM max, and up to 2TB SSD. The 12-inch MacBook also gets new sleeves in the same colors above for $149. The company has just listed the new 2018 models that feature the highly talked about Touch Bar feature first introduced in 2016. Designed with high-quality leather and a soft microfiber lining for extra protection, the sleeves are a flawless complement to MacBook Pro for users on the go. "The MacBook Pro 13 pushes a resolution of 2560×1600 while the 15" version does 2880×1800. FaceTime now adds support for group calling, and the Mac App Store gets a full redesign featuring rich editorial content and the addition of apps from top developers, including Microsoft and Adobe. Additional technical specifications, configure-to-order options and accessories are available online at Today, Apple leads the world in innovation with iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV. Which is Apple-speak for "its borked but we can't fix it, so we are making it your problem".

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