Widow of Thai cave diver’s message for the Wild Boars soccer team

Widow of Thai cave diver’s message for the Wild Boars soccer team

Chu's idea for a film based on the Thai cave rescue comes a day after Pure Flix Entertainment co-founder Michael Scott said he also has ideas for a film about the 12 boys and their 25-year -old coach.

All of members of the team were successfully rescued from the cave on Tuesday after being trapped there for 18 days.

Expert divers from the Thai Navy SEALs, experienced in conventional diving situations, were faced with an unprecedented challenge. The extensive search-and-rescue operation, which included more than 1,000 people from various nations, has now switched to a treatment process.

"By the time the last diver was out the water was already at head level, nearly to the point where he needed an oxygen tank". The team became captured within a cave in Thailand on June 23 and survived for 18 long days before being miraculously rescued by a fearless group of worldwide divers.

Prayut Chan-O-Cha, Junta leader shared on Tuesday (July 10) that the boys were given a "minor tranquiliser" to prevent them from any anxiety during the complex extraction bid, but he denied that they were completely knocked out.

"My job was to transfer them along".

"We're not heroes", Volanthen said, despite headlines in the British newspapers describing him and the other global rescuers as just that.

The new video from the navy does not include footage of the divers in the water with the boys, but it does show a team of people using pulleys, string and rubber tubes to haul a green, kayak-shaped stretcher out of a tight crevice.

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When the boys entered the cave they each had a flashlight, they had one watch and one mobile phone with light until the batteries died. "The big heroes in this are the children and the four Thai Navy SEALS who were looking after them". Saman's death, the only casualty in the operation, was widely mourned.

"I want to tell the boys, please don't blame yourselves", Valeepoan told reporters.

The world held its breath over the three days it took to retrieve the Wild Boars.

Now, the boys are in the hospital where new video shows them sitting up in their beds.

The cave rescue was a risky operation.

Experts say the divers brought a variety of skills, including the ability to install guide lines that help in low visibility, and previous experience in worldwide operations.

On Friday the Australian rescue team left Chiang Rai, with Adelaide the first stop for Dr Richard Harris, whose father passed away during the rescue mission.

There could be not one, but two movies in the works about the Thai cave rescue story that captured everyone's attention across the globe.

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