Democratic women win big in key Virginia House primaries

Democratic women win big in key Virginia House primaries

Tucker, a state representative, was promoted by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee as the party's best chance to unseat Hill. Together, they raise to 21 the number of states having held their 2018 primary elections so far.

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval is term-limited, opening up his seat for the 2018 election to a crowded field. Republican Attorney Gen. Adam Laxalt easily cleared the GOP field. Their top target is Rep. Barbara Comstock's 10th District in the DC suburbs.

There are now no Democratic women in Virginia's 11-seat congressional delegation.

Dean Heller, the most vulnerable Republican senator seeking re-election this year, has an easy primary battle on Tuesday thanks to President Donald Trump, leaving a contentious Democratic battle for governor as Nevada's most closely-watched primary race. The fiery Stewart, who almost upset Ed Gillespie in the 2017 gubernatorial primary, had a surprisingly tough time dispatching state legislator Nick Freitas in his primary, but narrowly survived.

Elsewhere, President Donald Trump has elevated Republican primaries in SC, where a devout ally and a regular critic are running in separate races.

The seats in northeastern Wisconsin's 1st Senate District and south-central Wisconsin's 42nd Assembly District have stood vacant since December when Gov. Scott Walker appointed Republican incumbents Frank Lasee and Keith Ripp to his administration.

Voters in less competitive U.S. House districts also will pick candidates Tuesday.

Arrington, who made a campaign issue of Sanford's criticism of Trump, won 50.6 percent of the vote to Sanford's 46.5 percent with nearly all ballots counted. This continues until someone has a majority or the candidate with the most votes in the final two is declared the victor. The system is used in some cities to elect mayors but has never been used on such a large scale and the implementation has been controversial, with Republicans being particularly critical.

Democrats say they this as an opportunity to win over new voters.

He was the top aide to Trump's presidential campaign in Virginia in 2016, but was sacked for staging an unauthorized protest of the Republican National Committee.

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MAINE VOTING ATTRACTION: Maine's contests for governor and Second House District are in Democrats' eyes to take in November, but most political watchers are looking to the Pine Tree state to see how the voting turns out. Voters - on both sides of the aisle - will head to the polls to choose their general election candidates for governor.

GOP Rep. Bruce Poliquin, who represents Maine's 2nd Congressional District, is watching which Democrat will come out of the primary Tuesday.

ME has a competitive House race in its rural-dominated Second Congressional District (carried by Trump in 2016 and held by GOP representative Bruce Poliquin), and a governor's race that could determine whether term-limited wild man Paul LePage's reactionary policies (including a fight against a voter-mandated Medicaid expansion) continue or end. Democrats think voters could go back to their roots with the right candidate.

It looks as though there will be no major upsets in the state Senate primaries, with all of the candidates who lead the races being the ones who were endorsed by party caucuses. Rosen easily defeated five opponents in the June 12 primary and will now take on the most vulnerable Republican Senate incumbent who hasn't chose to retire, Dean Heller, in what should be a close race in closely divided state.

Nevada Sen. Dean Heller, the only Republican seeking re-election in a state that Hillary Clinton carried in 2016, and Democratic Rep. Jacky Rosen sailed through their primaries, and already have begun focusing their criticism on each other in what is expected to be among the most competitive Senate races this year. "I think she will energize that voting bloc", he said. Tuesday will cement that general election lineup.

All localities will have a primary, but not necessarily for both parties.

Incumbent Yvanna Cancela, D-Las Vegas, appeared well on her way to defeating challenger Bryce Henderson as she seeks her first election to the seat. Sanford has described Trump as untrustworthy and culturally intolerant. Sanford has proven to be a talented campaigner, despite being notoriously frugal.

The swipe was a reference to Sanford's disappearance from the state in 2009, which he later explained was part of the extramarital affair he was carrying on with a woman in Argentina. Katie Arrington, who has attacked him for criticizing Trump and has alluded to his adulterous past, saying in an ad that "it's time for Mark Sanford to take a hike -- for real this time".

The year of women continues. He's running again for his party's nomination but this time allegations that he struck his his ex-wife with a tire iron in 1973 have surfaced; he has not denied the allegations. Tuesday will determine which Democrat faces off with Comstock.

Wexton was the best-known and best-financed in the field, and was viewed as the Democratic Party's establishment choice. The same is true in the Second District Democratic congressional race, where with votes still being counted state legislator Jared Golden has slipped just below a majority, which means second-preference ballots from third-place finisher Craig Olson will determine whether Golden or Burt's Bees scion and environmentalist Lucas St. Clair will get the nod.

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