Google is reportedly phasing out the old Gmail design

Google is reportedly phasing out the old Gmail design

Note that as of July 2017, there have already been a recorded 1.2 billion monthly active Gmail users, which means it could be impractical to have a very specific timeline for releasing the updates.

The redesigned Gmail will launch into "general availability" and become available to all G Suite users next month, the company confirms.

While the G Suite team plans to outlay more details on this transition plan in July, the Gmail users are to hold on for an altogether new Gmail experience.

If you don't like the new Gmail experience, you probably won't have a choice in the matter come Fall.

The newly designed Gmail has been an option for Gmail users for the past month but soon it will be the only choice.

Users can opt in or out for 12 weeks after that before they are automatically switched. Plus, Google also bolstered Gmail's offline capabilities, letting you search, write, respond, delete, or archive up to 90 days of messages without an active connection.

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At the moment, the new Gmail is entirely optional.

For those who simply can't wait until July, it's possible to turn on the new Gmail now. During this time and through August, users will still have the ability to opt out of the update.

The upcoming Gmail updates are poised to bring enhanced security features, incorporate artificial intelligence and provide more convenient controls.

Listen, that might sound a touch tyrannical, but new Gmail is pretty darn cool.

The new Gmail offers features like message snoozing, attachment previews, a sidebar for both Google apps like Calendar and third-party services like Trello, offline support, confidential messages that self-destruct after a set time, and more. This will open the Google Admin console.

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