Apple Announces macOS 10.14 Mojave With Dark Mode, Dynamic Desktop, Stacks, More

Apple Announces macOS 10.14 Mojave With Dark Mode, Dynamic Desktop, Stacks, More

This new update will encompass a host of features which will help users curb smartphone overuse.

What are the biggest new macOS Mojave features? There is also a Facebook-like feature which tells the users about photos they look past year as a memory reminder. The company has made the Mac versions of those apps practically identical to their iPad counterparts, a sign that Apple expects the best path for developers will be designing two primary interfaces - one for iPhone, another for iPad and Mac - rather than three.

If you're not a fan of the new aesthetic, you'll be able toggle between a light and dark mode.

The new Mac App Store is pleasant-looking enough, I guess, and it somewhat resembles the iOS App Store, but with a navigation pane instead of a bottom-mounted toolbar.

To more cheers from developers, Apple also announced a redesigned Mac App Store for the Mojave update, expanding a new look the company introduced to iPhones and iPads past year. The new sidebar displays sections like Discover, Create, Work, Play and Develop, each with helpful recommendations and app suggestions on each theme. Last month, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman reported that Apple had a plethora of device refreshes in development, but added that none of them would be ready in time for a WWDC launch.

App and messaging alerts have been given the Siri treatment, making notifications more intuitive. You'll also be able to drag and drop memos into other apps like Garage Band.

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Finder also gets a significant update in macOS Mojave with an all-new Gallery View that lets users skim through files visually.

In order to cutdown on desktop clutter (you know; photos, documents, spreadsheets, etc. strewn all over), Apple has introduced Desktop stacks. Multiple actions can also be combined using Shortcut app.

Privacy and security upgrades to macOS and Safari were also detailed.

And finally, in terms of apps, Apple is bringing Voice Memos to Mac in Mojave.

At Apple's 2018 Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday, the company revealed not only reasons to use their devices more.

A space-gray iMac Pro running the dark mode in MacOS Mojave, for instance, is going to look incredible. While these show up normally on iOS, the desktop will now ask if you want to share your contacts, location, photos, or microphone access through your operating system. Sinc right now, macOS uses AppKit and iOS uses UIKit, porting apps between the systems is not trivial. For now, Apple is still working on this framework and as a part of its test, it is bringing four system apps from iOS to macOS Mojave.

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