Millar & Coipel's The Magic Order Gets Full Netflix Trailer

Millar & Coipel's The Magic Order Gets Full Netflix Trailer

The story hails from legendary comic book writer Mark Millar.

Netflix and Millar are set to produce not only brand new comics in the future (with hopes of turning them into live-action and animated properties on Netflix) but will also adapt numerous other original stories from Millarworld into films, series and kids' shows available exclusively on Netflix. Those are probably more in line with what you'd expect from the streaming titan, but if it's truly The Magic Order you're looking forward to, then mark your calendars: it will hit shelves on June 13th. Netflix is making comics now.

After purchasing renowned comic scribe Mark Millar's imprint Millarworld a year ago, the streaming giant is now set to publish The Magic Order, a new six-issue comic from Millar and artist Olivier Coipel.

"We want to get back to that insane, exciting time where a first printing really meant something too and create a real collectibility here with NO SECOND PRINTINGS". The series will be available as a show on Netflix, and you can also get physical copies of the comic book. He also owns Millarworld, which Netflix has acquired several months ago.

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When is The Magic Order out?

The tagline for the comic is "Magic meets the mob", according to Image Comics.

Since its announcement, The Magic Order has become the bestselling Millarworld title, with advance orders coming in around 140,000 issues and outperforming Millar and artist Frank Quitely's Image Comics title Jupiter's Legacy.

"We wanted to make a splash with our first book for Netflix and this is it". He went on to say that "there's a Neo or a Luke Skywalker when you're having a new world explained to you, someone you identify with and whose journey you can relate to. Now we've cemented over all the madness with cities and we live these lovely peaceful lives where nobody's ever really seen a ghost, and these guys are the reason why".

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