Explosions heard at Iranian facility near Damascus

Explosions heard at Iranian facility near Damascus

Russian President Vladimir Putin's remarks that foreign troops must withdraw from Syria after the start of the political settlement phase have been clarified by a Kremlin spokesman, Ad-Dustour has reported.

Spokesman for the Foreign Affairs Ministry Bahram Qassemi said that the Islamic republic will remain in Syria so long as the Syrian government requires aid.

Mr Lieberman said: "We, of course, struck nearly all the Iranian infrastructure in Syria, and they need to remember this arrogance of theirs".

Israeli officials have repeatedly stated that the Jewish state will not accept Iranian entrenchment in Syria and is prepared to take military action in order to prevent it.

While underlining that the Syrian government has approved Iran's military presence on its territory, Ghasemi said that "those who came to Syria without permission from the Syrian government and violated its territorial integrity should leave". Army Gen. Ali Mayhoub announced that military operations in and around the capital had been a success and that the area is "completely secure" after the army captured former ISIS strongholds of Yarmouk refugee camp and the Hajar al-Aswad district south of the capital.

Syrian state TV broadcast footage of tanks rolling through a shattered neighborhood once held by rebels, as government troops waved the national flag.

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With Iran's help, Assad's forces have been making steady gains since 2015, when Russian Federation launched an air campaign on behalf of his forces.

Iran and Lebanon's Hezbollah have been helping Syria's Bashar Assad beat back a seven-year-old rebellion. "We have no depots and have not positioned forces from Iran or elsewhere at this airport", it said in a statement carried on Hezbollah's War Media Channel. Iran blamed Israel and vowed to retaliate.

Both Damascus and Moscow said the Syrian army had managed to shoot down more than half of the missiles.

A war-monitoring group said about 1,600 people, including hundreds of Islamic State gunmen, left the area Saturday and Sunday, heading toward the desert in the east of the country after a deal with the government.

Israel has been acting as a de facto air force of the militants for some time but its extensive raids on May 10 were its most brazenly direct engagement in Syria's fight on terrorism.

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