The Red Hydrogen One will debut on Verizon and AT&T

The Red Hydrogen One will debut on Verizon and AT&T

"When the RED HYDROGEN ONE launches you'll be able to look around, below and into your screen's image with a 4-view holographic display, which is better still than 3D".

The RED Hydrogen One, the world's first holographic phone, will be available to both Verizon and AT&T subscribers before the end of the year.

We do know that it will be available on the Verizon Up rewards program, so every $300 spent on monthly bills can be turned into prizes - from VIP tickets to everyday rewards. "Unlocked" Pre-orders will however ship before that".

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By the way, Verizon's VP of Device and Product Marketing, Brian Higgins, says you have to hold this bad boy in your hands and "experience it yourself to understand why it's such a mobile game changer". The $1,200 smartphone has a groundbreaking 5.7-inch screen capable of displaying a "better than 3D image" without the need for glasses or an augmented reality headset. You'll be able to interact with those images using a set of gestures. Given that the phone is launching on both a CDMA and GSM carrier bodes well for its compatibility overseas, but it's hard to say if Red will retain the ability to sell the phone unlocked through its own channels. The biggest takeaway from Brownlee's video of the Hydrogen One prototype, though, may be how big the phone is. That widespread availability is a nice feather in the cap for the Hydrogen One, a $1,200 Android phone that's said to boast a revolutionary 3D display.

Details of the Hydrogen One first surfaced last July. RED started taking pre-rders earlier this year, with two models priced at $1,295 and $1,595. Indeed, the company blames some of its delays on carrier certification.

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