The Internet Is Sending A Mariachi Band & Taco Truck To Racist Lawyer

The Internet Is Sending A Mariachi Band & Taco Truck To Racist Lawyer

The clip of the man yelling in a Midtown Manhattan restaurant went viral Wednesday, and he was identified through social media as attorney Aaron Schlossberg. "I pay for their ability to be here".

Meanwhile, Mayor Bill de Blasio indirectly commented on the incident by tweeting his support for the many people who speak different languages throughout the city. "Your staff is speaking Spanish to customers when they should be speaking English", Aaron yelled. While they don't seek to have him disbarred, the effect of the attorney's viral rant is clearly just beginning.

"This guy should know better".

He then told a person who appeared to be a store manager that his "next call will be to [Immigration and Customs Enforcement]" because he "bets" the employees are "undocumented". He complained to another restaurant employee that "it's America" and that in a Manhattan eatery "staff should be speaking English".

"Call ICE!" she shoots back.

Complaints are confidential unless a finding is made to sanction or reprimand the individual, Lucian Chalfen, Director of Public Information at the Unified Court System, said in an email statement.

The lawyer did not return Newsweek's request for comment.

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Schlossberg wrapped up the rant by mocking a woman eating a sandwich. After he was identified, some people went on Yelp to ruin his rating on the business review site.

"Curious, how does a lawyer (years of studying and understanding Federal and State law) be openly racist?" He is fluent in Spanish, conversational in French and has basic knowledge of Mandarin Chinese and Hebrew.

Some people also altered web pages for the man's firm to list it under the "Mexican restaurant" category, Fast Company reports.

A group of pro-Trump counter-protester, including Schlossberg, clashed with protesters at a rally in New York City held by activist organization Hispanos En Los Esclavos Unidos, according to a video posted Wednesday.

Schlossberg, who allegedly accused Spanish-speakers of having "the balls to come here and live off my money", reportedly gave $500 to Donald Trump's presidential campaign. In a video posted to YouTube on October 19, 2016, Willie Morris said he was walking along Fifth Avenue when a man approached him and started yelling at him. They also surfaced that he had donated $500 to the presidential campaign of Donald Trump, who promised to build a wall between the US and Mexico and stricter immigration laws. The man happens to be Willie Moore, a video blogger who is White and from MA.

Another video shows a man who appears to be Schlossberg chanting "Milo (Yiannopoulos)" at a protest past year, and railing against "fake Jews".

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