Instagram adds ability to share posts to stories

Instagram adds ability to share posts to stories

To share a feed post to your Story, all you have to do is tap on the "paper plane" icon below the post right next to the comment icon, and then tap on the option that lets you add that post to your story.

The new feature is beginning to roll out to Android users today, while iOS users can expect it in the coming days. The logic behind the new feature seems to be aimed at re-sharing someone's post with your own commentary on top of it.

Share other people's records through Stories, reports Tech Crunch.

With the latest update, Instagram users can now share posts from their feed directly to their Stories as stickers. " said Instagram in a blog post".

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Re-sharing can only be done from public Instagram accounts, Instagram says.

You can now share someone else's Instagram post to your own story, Instagram announced on Thursday. Now you won't have to go through the tedious process of taking a screenshot, then sharing it to your Story - if you want to share your friend's cute puppy pic to your Story, you can do so without leaving the app and while giving your friend the proper credit. And, you can also resize and rotate the post sticker in your Story to your liking, while also adding other stuff like emoji, hashtag and more. You can also add your own caption or thoughts to the post.

All posts shared to stories will be tagged with the original poster's username and posts on someone's story can be tapped to view the original post. When you click on the sticker, you see an option called "See Post" and tapping on it will take you back to the original post.

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