Summiting Sherpas Set Pair of Mount Everest Records

Summiting Sherpas Set Pair of Mount Everest Records

Ms Lhakpa, 44, reached the peak for a ninth time via the northern Tibetan route, her brother Mr Mingma Gelu Sherpa said.

Sherpa succeeded to break the record of 21 ascents of Everest set by Apa Sherpa and Phurba Tashi Sherpa, both of whom have already announced their retirement.

The 48-year-old Sherpa guide from Nepal has climbed the 29,035-foot peak almost every year since starting at 24 years old. "I have been climbing mountains for women's empowerment", Lhakpa told THT while leaving for Tibet last month.

Kami Rita apparently hopes to reach 25 times before retiring. He first reached the top of Everest in 1994.

This year, her climb was sponsored by the outfitter Black Diamond, who provided gear and monetary support. She was making her way down to the advanced base camp, he said.

Everest oxygen failure accidents avoided

Drama on the the highest slopes of Everest this morning where, during a summit bid on the Tibetan side of the mountain, a group of mountaineers belonging to the Alpenglow expedition led by America's Adrian Ballinger encountered serious issues with their supplementary oxygen regulators. His father was among the first professional guides after Nepal opened to foreign trekkers and mountaineers in 1950.

Hundreds of climbers are on Everest attempting to reach the summit during the narrow window of good weather in May.

The rapid growth in the climbing industry has accompanied complaints of overcrowding on the mountain and fears that inexperienced mountaineers could run into trouble.

On the Tibetan side, a team was forced to retreat from just below the summit when at least 11 of their bottled oxygen systems failed. "There are no reported injuries". Air at the top of Everest contains less than a third of the oxygen at sea level.

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