Police praise students for one of the "best senior pranks" they've seen

Police praise students for one of the

A group of seniors in Cumberland, Wisconsin, left their mark with what the police department called "one of best senior pranks that Cumberland High School has seen".

Hats off to the Cumberland High School Class of 2018 on your senior prank.

But it turned out the whole thing was an optical illusion.

Of course what appears to be the scene of a drunk driver plowing through the wall of the high school is actually simply a half-car, black tarp and a pile of bricks.

When the local police department offers congratulations to an entire class on its senior prank, you know they pulled off something great. Before school lets out for summer and the graduating class leaves the halls of their high school forever, seniors take one last jab at their teachers and principals.

At first glance, it looks like the wreck left a gaping hole in the side of the school building, just outside of the principal's office.

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Early Monday morning, the police department received a phone call that a vehicle had been driven into the side of a local school, near the principal's office.

The police department admitted the creativity and lack of actual damage to school property prompted their response.

Not only that, but when the seniors posed with their masterpiece, they made sure to use it as a visual example of the dangers of teen drinking. "Laugh people!" one person said.

Cops and senior prank week don't usually go well together. Great prank! Sometimes things are just amusing!

"This is will be hard to beat [sic]", authorities replied.

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