Florida man dies in e-cigarette explosion, police say

Florida man dies in e-cigarette explosion, police say

Tallmadge D'Elia was vaping at home on May 5 when the vaping device, manufactured by Philippines-based Smok-E Mountain, exploded. The cause of death was listed as "projectile wound of head", resulting from the explosion that sent two pieces of the pen into his cranium. An autopsy has confirmed that Florida man Tallmadge D'Elia may have been the very first death caused by an exploding vape pen.

D'Elia's death has been explained as "accidental", with 13WMAZ reporting that he suffered 80 per cent burns.

There are no regulations that apply to the safety of the electronic mechanics or batteries of e-cigarettes, the U.S. Fire Administration report noted, though they are being considered by the Food and Drug Administration.

A report by the US Fire Administration said more than 195 electronic cigarettes exploded or caught fire between 2009 and 2016.

According to FEMA, the 38-year-old's death is the first in the United States of America to be caused by an e-cigarette.

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Weeks said that a lot of people are switching from smoking to vaping, because vaping does less harm to the body. Cheap, generic lithium-ion batteries can be found everywhere from local vape shops to Amazon, and assuming that there's any kind of quality control in their manufacturing is a fool's errand.

A representative from Smok-E Mountain told ABC affiliate WFTS that it believed the problem to be an issue with the device's atomizer or battery, and not the device itself.

A few days after D'Elia's tragic death, an eighteen (18) year old in MI suffered severe burns when e-cigarette batteries he was carrying in his pocket exploded.

E-cigarettes operate by heating a liquid that contains a mix of nicotine, flavorings, and other chemicals. "That's typically the biggest issue which causes batteries to fail", he said. The agency and the CDC recommend using vape pens with safety features, including those created to prevent battery overheating, and keeping batteries away from metal objects like coins and keys.

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