AMERICAN HERO: Officer 'CHARGED' at School Shooter Within Seconds

AMERICAN HERO: Officer 'CHARGED' at School Shooter Within Seconds

About 8 a.m. Wednesday, an unidentified 19-year-old entered Dixon High School in Dixon, Illinois, and started firing shots near a gymnasium where rehearsal for senior graduation was taking place.

A police chief says a school resource officer saved lives when he confronted an armed 19-year-old former student at a high school in northern IL.

Dixon officials say the school resource officer who returned fire is Mark Dallas. Officer Dallas pursued the suspect, who fired back toward him.

A police resource officer is being credited with stopping a potential school shooting in IL. So, I can say for the Dixon Police Department, very good job protecting the kids.

The names of the shooter and officer are not being released at this time. The shooter was taken into custody. Dallas was not harmed in the exchange of gunfire, but Milby received non-life-threatening injuries.

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UPDATE: DIXON, Ill. (WIFR) - Dixon police expect to have a press conference at 11 regards to the school shooting Wednesday morning.

"A lot of things went right today when a great many of them could have gone wrong", Dixon Mayor Liandro Arellano Jr. told the station. The subject was taken into custody and is receiving medical treatment. "I thought it was going to be another mass shooting" Howell said Dallas ran toward the shots, coming face-to-face with 19-year-old Matt Milby, a former student, holding a gun. The suspect refused to comply with the officer and allegedly opened fire. No one else was injured.

Responding officers found that students and staff had barricaded classroom doors with desks, bookcases and other objects as they learned in training, Howell said.

Police say the former student acted alone and there's no further threat to the public.

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