More Than 100 Protestors Rally At Michigan Capitol, Block Traffic

More Than 100 Protestors Rally At Michigan Capitol, Block Traffic

The national campaign is set to end with a rally in Washington D.C. He cited statistics that indicate 46 percent of Kentucky residents - 2 million people - are poor or low-income; 76 percent of those are children; 47 percent are women; 65 percent are people of color; 42 percent are white people, according to Gillett.

Today, movement leaders rallied in the nation's capital to engage in nonviolent direct action with the Poor People's Campaign, a national call for a moral revival demanding a shift in the way we think about poverty, racism, ecological devastation, and the war economy. Campaign leaders said the protests would cover 35 states.

Cavey said organizers contacted police for a demonstration permit last week and explained civil disobedience would be part of the rally, specifically asking what would need to happen for demonstrators to get arrested.

"We're living in an impoverished democracy", said the Rev. William J. Barber II. stands with poor people across America, and around the world.

Barber is a North Carolina minister and former president of the state NAACP chapter.

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William Barber of North Carolina and Liz Theoharis of NY, the campaign officially began December 4, 50 years after Martin Luther King Jr. started the first Poor People's Campaign.

Montgomery police say members of the group walked down Dexter Avenue and blocked the street at Dexter Plaza.

Officers cited 10 protesters at the Iowa Capitol who gathered in and around the staff offices of Gov. Kim Reynolds when they refused to leave the building at the close of business hours.

The first teach-in is scheduled for Tuesday in Washington.

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