HTC "Exodus" Is A Blockchain Smartphone For Decentralized Apps And Security


Marking the first from an established smartphone company, HTC has officially announced that it's working on a blockchain-powered smartphone.

The phone, reportedly dubbed 'Exodus, ' will feature a universal wallet and built-in secure hardware that supports cryptocurrencies and decentralized applications. Ultimately, HTC says that each Exodus will act as a node for the bitcoin and ethereum blockchains - so that every phone increases the overall size and scope of the network.

According to reports, HTC is planning to create a native blockchain network where Exodus will work as a nodal point to facilitate the trade of cryptocurrencies amongst its Exodus users. "We would like to support the entire blockchain ecosystem", he said.

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HTC is taking a risk with the Exodus, but the Taiwanese company has never shied away from risk. Importantly, the system is also decentralized, so it's not located in any one specific place or owned by one entity. Honestly, I would find it extremely paradoxical if HTC didn't accept cryptocurrency for its blockchain-powered phone. HTC hasn't yet disclosed other key details such as commercial availability, price and specifications of the phone.

HTC has followed in footsteps of Sirin Labs who announced a blockchain powered smartphone past year. Blockchain technology can be applied anywhere security and decentralization are important, from online shopping to private communications, and HTC is hoping to tap into that. "With the release of the HTC Exodus we can now make this a reality", says HTC. The company is also said to be exploring the possibilities of launching its own cryptocurrency. The company also issued a call to internet users and smartphone users to gather in an attempt to "Take back the internet".

We've already seen a couple of early adopters: the Sugar S11 Blockchain Creation Edition in January, and the Sirin Finney earlier this month.

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