Britain raises concerns with French over EU's satellite system snub

Britain raises concerns with French over EU's satellite system snub

"No significant progress" has been made in negotiations with London since March, the EU's Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, told 27 ministers from the bloc on Monday, according to the chairwoman of the talks. Within the it trade with the EU after Brexit should be carried out under the same conditions, but London will be able to begin trade negotiations with countries outside the EU, for now, remaining a member of the EU, he has no right. Deputy Prime Minister Ekaterina Zakharieva of Bulgaria, which holds the EU's rotating presidency, told reporters after the meeting of European affairs ministers: "We look forward to more a intensive engagement by the United Kingdom government in the coming weeks".

"The EU is playing hardball with us", Gyimah said.

The EU has set October as the final deadline for a deal to be finalised.

German, Austrian and Dutch ministers all echoed the same concern, saying Britain has not made its position clear in detail on parts of the negotiations: "The clock is ticking", Germany's Michael Roth told his European Union peers.

"If Brussels or Dublin insist upon rejecting all the practical approaches that we propose it is, with regret, that we will have to graciously accept their rejection", he added.

"We need now to be making substantial progress, but that is not happening".

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Barnier insisted, however, that Britain itself, as an European Union member, was part of the unanimous decision that "for some information we have to protect the member states".

The EU says Britain must agree to a workable solution to the question of how to avoid a hard border between EU member Ireland and the British province of Northern Ireland by the June 28-29 summit.

When queried if there was very little progress in recent weeks, he said "a little, not very little".

Barnier and the EU's foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini meanwhile both welcomed British proposals on a future security partnership with the EU.

Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok said it was too early to discuss an extension of the timeline, but added: "The aim is now to conclude a deal in the time schedule that has been agreed on ..."

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