RAGE 2 Official Announce Trailer released, Gameplay Trailer coming tomorrow

RAGE 2 Official Announce Trailer released, Gameplay Trailer coming tomorrow

RAGE 2 was later teased by the official RAGE account and even Bethesda officials starting chiming in the leak which hinted at an official announcement soon. Walmart Canada leaked a bunch of major unannounced games that will presumably be announced at E3. Our guess is that Bethesda may showcase some gameplay footage during its E3 2018 event. As Rage 2 is still now "unannounced", there is no information of when to expect the title, or who's behind development. They started by tweeting various pictures that seemed innoculous, at first, but held a secret many didn't notice at first.

The original post-apocalyptic shooter ended on a surprise cliffhanger that left dedicated fans clamouring for more, and they haven't received any resolution for eight long years. The latest image posted from Bethesda simply features a busy street viewed from an aerial perspective, colored with the same pink we have seen on the other two images.

A gameplay trailer for RAGE 2 will release tomorrow, May 15.

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The first Rage sport released was to get i-OS. We simply have no idea what it's going to show.

After Rage's story was criticised, we hope that the developers will try to improve it rather than eradicate it for the sequel. We'd like to see Rage 2 try this for itself.

That should mean an official announcement is due later today. But this seems like pretty conclusive proof that by the end of today, we will know for certain that Rage 2 is on the way.

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